What is God Really Like? (Some Videos on the Attributes of God)


We sing about God, pray to God, and speak about God lots. But sometimes it's good to step back and think about God. I don't mean thinking about stuff God does, but rather, who He is. So, over the next few weeks I thought it might be a helpful thing to put together some short videos on What is God Really Like, thinking through some of the attributes of God. For, if this is the God we worship and serve, then it can. only be a good thing for us to know and think more about what He's like. 

This is the call of Christian theology, to lift up our eyes to contemplate our God in His glory. So, I hope these videos will be of some help in that. I put out the first one last week, looking at how God reveals Himself in Jesus, and so if we want to know what God is like we can look to Jesus and know that God is just like Him. Tonight we're going to think about how God is the Living God (a.k.a. the doctrine of aseity). New videos will come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll do them on Facebook Live and live on Youtube (as if I don't do them live, I'll end up spending forever wanting to try and make them perfect, so live videos protects me from one of my major flaws!), and I'll gradually gather them all up into a playlist on Youtube so you can easily find them anytime.