A Message from New Zealand: Forgetting Our Theology

"It seems that Pentecostalism as portrayed in the New Zealand Apostolic Church is now less concerned with theology than it is with praxis. Over the last decade, the focus in the national publication, Apostolic News, has been on church growth and mission.* Little, if any, theological writing currently emanates from the Apostolic Church yet there is much theology within her own archives and in published academic journals which invites interaction. The sermons of yesteryear contained much theologising with a heavy reliance on Scripture, but this has given way to the inspirational and motivational talk."

*These emphases are not new to the Apostolic Church, being present in the core establishment of the movement.

W. Luke Worsfold, Subsequence, Prophecy and Church Order in the Apostolic Church New Zealand (PhD diss., Victoria University of Wellington, 2004), p.135