Roman Anglicans?

Okay, so the week wouldn't be complete without something on this week's big theological news story, the Vatican's announcement on facilitating conversion for Anglicans who wish to hold on to their Anglican liturgical heritage. The BBC has an interesting analysis piece with some nice charts. The Archbishop of Kenya has already announced his intention not to take up the Pope's offer, noting that he's a Protestant.

Not being an Anglican, I have no comments to make myself, but I did greatly appreciate this piece from Mockingbird (where they are Anglicans), pointing out that the crux of the matter is justification by faith alone. As an American Anglican bishop has pointed out, 'There was a Reformation, you remember.'

In other ecclesiastical news this week, the Church of Sweden has approved same-sex marriages, which will be carried out in Swedish churches from next month. So far no offers from the Vatican to facilitate the conversion of 'traditionalist' Swedes who wish to hold onto their Lutheran liturgical heritage.