1 Year of Apostolic Theology

Today a verse by D.P. Williams (translated by Thomas Davies) on some of the key features of Apostolic theology: Christ, His Ascension, His outpouring of the Holy Spirit, His Gifts to His Church, and the riches of His Grace. There's even a hint of the Eternal Purpose in there too.

Our Lord from His loved ones (O glorious Ascension!)

For our intercession, mounts up to His Throne,

But pours out the Spirit in richest oblation

That both worlds may witness His Gifts to His Own;

Abundance of GRACE to drown all vexations;

He cheers the hearts of His Saints with His song,

Their comfort unfailing in all tribulations,

The weak by the wines of His love are made strong.

This post marks the 1st birthday of the Apostolic Theology blog! What better way to mark the event than with some authentic Apostolic theology from D.P. Williams himself.