My New Book Published Today!

I've got a new book out today about the Breaking of Bread, called The Lord’s Supper: Our Promised Place of Intimacy and Transformation with Jesus (Minneapolis: Chosen, 2023).

Christians are very familiar with the Lord's Supper. We eat and drink at the Lord’s Table (hopefully) every week. Yet, maybe we don’t talk about it all that much. And when we don’t talk about it, then sometimes our ideas about it end up being picked up from traditions (or even from believing the opposite of what we think we’re not supposed to believe), rather than from God’s Word. 

Whether you’ve given the Supper lots of thought or barely any thought at all, I hope this book will help you grow not only in your understanding of the Breaking of Bread, but even more than that, in your desire to come and eat and drink at the Lord’s Table and there meet with our Saviour in all His intimate love and transforming power and grace. 

Today is the book’s USA release date. So, North American readers can get a physical copy wherever you prefer to buy your books. But it’s also available worldwide on Kindle and as an Audiobook (including Audible) from today. There’ll be an official UK release date at the end of August (but I've heard from several people already today that you can already get physical books from Amazon in the UK — for other retailers you’ll have to wait for the UK release).

Don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated academic book. It’s been written to serve the church — to serve you, the people who make up the church. (And a few people who’ve already read it have been very excited about how clear and readable it is, and how it’s got them excited to get to the Lord’s Table.)

I’m praying the Lord will use this book to encourage you, to build you up in Jesus, and to fill you with more and more faith, longing, and expectation as you come to meet with the Lord Jesus at His Table in the Breaking of Bread. 

If you prefer to listen to an audiobook, it sounds really good. (I got really excited when I heard the sample clip on Audible this morning.)

Here’s the table of contents and the endorsements, to give you a bit of a flavour for what’s inside:

(Oh, and if you read it and like it, it would be lovely if you could write a little review on Amazon or Goodreads to help other people find it too!)