I'm Writing. Would You Like to Pray?

One of the reasons things have been a bit quiet around here lately is that I'm working on a few big writing projects. One of those is a book on the Lord's Supper which will be coming out in the summer of 2023. (That might sound like far away, but the manuscript is due this summer.) So I've taken this week off on holiday to give a whole week to writing. And I was wondering if some of you might like to pray for me as I write. 

I’ve got some high and holy things to write about this week (like the Incarnation, the Cross, repentance, and all Christ’s benefits), so if anyone would like to pray for me, I would be very grateful.

And if you would like to pray, please pray that my writing would be: 
  • Faithful to God’s Word 
  • Clear for my readers 
  • Glorifying to Jesus 
  • Beneficial for Christ’s Church 
  • Filled with love 
(And also that I wouldn’t get too distracted or take too many breaks!)

Also, if anyone wants to pray this morning, I'm being interviewed about Pentecost later on today, so I'd really value your prayers for that too. 

Thank you!