The Ascension on an Ordinary Thursday

Sometimes I wish we had a holiday for Ascension Day like other countries. But, today, as I was going about my normal work filled with the joy of the One who has ascended into heaven for us, I realised that there's something quite appropriate about this feast falling on a normal working day.

The Ascension is about things we cannot see — how Jesus has entered into heaven for us with His own blood, how the Incarnate Saviour is seated on the throne, and how He’s interceding for us there right now. While we see the normal work and stresses of life, that’s the unseen reality we cannot see.

So Ascension Day is a day of Faith in things unseen. The victory, the enthronement, and the intercession are real. But right now we can only see them by faith. The presence of the Ascended Saviour with His people is real (Matt. 28:20; Mark 16:20; Eph. 4:10). But for now we can see Him only with the eyes of faith. 

So as we go about the normal work of a normal Thursday, filled with the extraordinary joy of the one who died and rose and ascended into heaven for us, that’s quite a good picture of what this day is all about. For the Ascension of Jesus means we have an unshakeable hope that is certain, no matter what this day or any other day throws at us. Our righteousness is in Heaven.Jesus is on the Throne. His blood will never lose its power. Nothing on this earth will change any of that.

P.S. If you want to hear a much fuller account of why the Ascension is such good news, my sermon on it from tonight's Ascension Day service starts about ten minutes into this video.