Some Thoughts on Prayer (by D.P. Williams)

1. Before praying for anyone, or any cause, the spirit must be free towards God and Man.

2. We should not talk about any person, without being able to pray for such at the same time.

3. When praying, we should be on our guard not to be the accusers of the brethren. Avoid the spirit of condemnation while praying. It is the devil's work to accuse the brethren.

4. While praying, we ought to know how to deal with the cause of the wrong, then with the effect.

5. While praying, we must be always open to be searched by the Spirit as to our narrow-mindedness, and let Him enlarge our hearts towards all. The throne that we approach is universal. The Holy Spirit in His divine agency is universal, so we much be possessed with a universal heart. We are indebted to all.

6. Prayer must not be pointed at persons, but about persons for their good.

7. Prayer must be definite; never pray at random.

8. We must be prepared to fulfill our own prayers, when the Will of God had revealed in prayer what our part is.

9. The hills before us may appear clear and near, but the valley between may be dark and isolated. To climb to its summit may be very difficult. The visions of truth on the hills of revelation seem beautiful, admirable, and attractive, but to reach the heights requires perseverance and faithfulness to climb. To go down the dark valley of subjection and nothingness demands humility.

10. If we will allow God to humble us, He will not allow others to do it.

11. What appears to man to be our humiliation can, in the Will of God, be our exaltation in His due time. The way to the Throne is the Cross.

12. We cannot scold nor dragoon men to love Christ. It is not by dogs and sticks that the Good Shepherd leads the flock.

13. Christian influence is like the dew, refreshing; like the dawn, illuminating and invigorating.

14. It is like the light penetrating through the dark.

15. It is like salt purifying all with its influence, counteracting putrefaction. These agents all do their work quietly.

16. People that have their own schemes very often shut God out.

17. Troubles and trials are the goads to drive us to prayer. Prayer is the goad to drive them away.

(From Riches of Grace, vi.6)