Michael Reeves on the 4 Biggest Mistakes Evangelicals Are Making Today

Find 43 minutes to watch this excellent talk by Michael Reeves (President of Union School of Theology) at the European Leadership Forum. Dr Reeves is not only a wise theologian, but also a fantastic communicator, and so the 43 minutes will fly in and you'll learn a lot. He traces problems for evangelicals in how we see God, what it means to be human, humanity's problem, and the nature of grace, and shows how they lead to problems in the life and mission of the church.

So if you want to know why grace isn't like a can of spiritual Red Bull (and why that's a big problem), or how getting the wrong idea about sin can lead to pastoring like a drill sergeant, or how the first question of the Shorter Catechism can help us bridge the problematic gap between evangelism and discpleship, then watch the talk.

Seriously, this will be very helpful viewing for anyone involved in church leadership, preaching, evangelism, discipleship. So find three quarters of an hour to watch it!