Some Encouragement at the End of a Long Week

I don't know what your week has been like. Mine has been long and stressful. But at the end of a long and stressful week I am encouraged — encouraged, not by circumstances, but by Jesus. Maybe you've had a particularly long and stressful day, or week, or month, or year. Or maybe things are going just fine at the moment. But either way, let me share these two links with you in the hope that you'll read and listen and be encouraged in the Lord.

The first is a blog post written by Dane Ortlund, reminding us that "when life implodes, that we have never been safer. We are being invited further up and further in."

The second is a sermon preached by Hans Fiene (creator of Donal and Conal, the leprechauns of St Patrick's Bad Analogies fame!) on "Exhaustion and Despair". It's not very long (only 17 minutes), so don't put off listening for another time! Here is balm for your soul and preaching as it is supposed to be.