*Apostolic Theology* (the book) Sample Content (including Warren Jones' Foreword)

Thanks to my wonderful typesetting team, *Apostolic Theology* (the book) looks amazing inside (so if you encounter any incredibly tired Northern Irish people who look like they've pulled a few all-nighters wrestling with headers, roman numerals, and line spacing, it may be them). And thanks to Dan (from 4114 Design) it looks amazing on the outside as well.

And now, you can have a proper look inside too, and see some of what's there. Follow the links below to find the Table of Contents, Warren Jones' Foreword, a sample chapter, an excerpt from another chapter, and all the incredibly kind reviews and recommendations that have come in.

If you're going to AblazeUK, you can pre-order a copy on the book page, and, until the end of Thursday (14th July), if you do that, you'll get it at a 33% discount (which, alas, is only available if you're either going to Ablaze and can collect it, or know someone else who is who can collect it for you).

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered copies so far, and to those who have paid a higher price to send copies to Actionoverseas as well!