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AblazeUK 2015 Prophetical Ministry

Last year after AblazeUK I posted the prophecies from the Convention. Rather a lot of people either that couldn't get to convention or who wanted to hear them again got in touch to say that they'd appreciated it and several wanted to know if I could do it again this year. So, here's the prophetical ministry from the Convention in 2015.

(Be warned, the quality, and volume, of the recordings varies, as I just recorded them on my phone.)

Saturday Night - Prophetical Ministry through Stuart Walker
Sunday Morning - Prophetical Ministry through Sam Akinrinwa
Sunday Night - Prophetical Ministry through Alun Stephens
Monday Night - Prophetical Ministry through Sam Akinrinwa
Monday Night - Prophetic Message through Andy Tilsley (guest speaker from Christchurch, London)
Tuesday Night - Prophecy 
Tuesday Night - Prophetical Ministry through Nick Watson (from the Apostolic Church Australia)