Top Ten Posts of 2014

The most-read posts on the blog in 2014:

1) The Biggest Theological Issues Facing Our Churches Today 
Far and away the most read post of the year. A year later, most of the issues are still issues (although now I might not be so quick to dismiss some of the issues from in the bottom section as not having much impact on our churches.)
Here are a few posts related to one of the issues on the list:
Sacraments Matter (because they're *Gospel* Sacraments!) 
The Words of Institution: Are We Really Breaking Bread

A happily surprising entry at number two. (Always nice when classic theology beats contemporary controversies.)
Also on the subject of lessons we can learn from the Church Fathers:
Charismatics and the Ninth Anathema    
Christ’s Seamless Garment, Our Spotless Robe, and the Unity of the Church
Irenaeus On Revelation, Justification and Jesus
Applying Irenaeus on True and False Pastors and Elders in the Evangelical & Pentecostal World Today

Who'd have thought a post on church government would have been so popular?
On a related note:
The Gospel, Grace & Apostleship 
The Life in Christ and Apostleship

It just remains for me to say thank you for reading in 2014!