Meanwhile, Elsewhere (19/4)

You are not a Rock Star, and other nuggets for worship leaders - Clint Archer
'But when people talk about liking “the worship” they generally mean “the band.” One congregant who should avoid this is the worship leader. Here are four tips for the leader of a worship band... '

What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution? - Kevin DeYoung
'And what’s wrong with this approach? Why can’t we say Adam was a real person and the first person to know God, but not the only human on the planet? Aren’t we still in the realm of historic orthodoxy even if Adam evolved from other beings and may not have been the physical father of all living persons? I am raising these questions not to suggest a single blog post and a few quotations obliterates evolution. The point rather is to examine whether full-blown evolution can be reconciled with complete allegiance to biblical authority.'

The Gospel is Insufficient - Carl Trueman
'For Paul, the gospel is not in itself sufficient to ensure the continuation of the gospel. It needs men to preach it; it needs men, women and children to tell it to their friends. And because all of these agents are fallen, it needs a church structure to help to safeguard its content.'

Every Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermon available for free all over the world - Adrian Warnock
'This is incredible news as it means that missionaries the world over, pastors who can hear English, and you and I can benefit from this Spirit-annointed, theologically rich, Bible-based expositional preaching. So, I urge you to go over to the site, sign up as a free member, and get listening! O, and if you like what you hear, do consider making a donation.' [Adrian's link is to the North American website for the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust, but you can get the same content at their UK site.]