Meanwhile, Elsewhere (25/2/12)

Again, some reading from other places to make you think.

'I knew that I should pray, that in fact I must pray, as part of getting ready to teach God’s Word. But I don’t remember getting much advice about how to pray when preparing a message. And while there’s obviously not just one helpful way to do it, here are eight brief prayers that can be used while writing a sermon'

The Vision Without Which People Perish - Jared Wilson
'But what if a leader’s good idea for church growth or success was not the vision Proverbs 29:18 had in mind? What if we aren’t free to insert anything we come up with, no matter how spiritual or “inspired by God”?'

What does it really mean to be a Defender of the Faith? - Josh Cordray
Josh Cordray is a fellow Apostolic blogger. He pastors the Maidstone assembly, and here he shows how apologetics isn't just something for a few Christians with special training, but something all Christians all called to do.

Nostalgia Is the Enemy of Faith: Learn from Your Heroes' Warts - Colin Hansen
'It does not insult our heroes to suspect their imperfection. Rather, we insult their God and cloud our faith with the fog of nostalgia if we ignore their mistakes. We end up the losers, because our own day will never measure up by comparison. But if we remember our heroes for who they were---sinners redeemed by a glorious Christ---we'll learn their lessons and deepen our faith in a God who can powerfully work through us, too, even in this wicked day.'