And Can it Be

And Can it Be is one of my favourite hymns. There are few worship songs of any age that can compare to its celebration of the gospel and wonder at the grace of Christ.

It's been re-hymned a few times and I've always been disappointed at the results. Sagina (the hymn tune its normally sung to) has some quality that sets it apart; it doesn't sound like other hymns, and so it draws attention the great lyrics. There are so many great hymns with terrible tunes that could do with re-hymning, why not do something for them instead?

So, when I saw a few months ago that Phatfish were going to be releasing a new re-hymning of And Can it Be on their latest album, I wan't all that enthused. But I was wrong. Today I heard it. It's beautiful, contemplative, and draws fresh attention to the words, and thus to the wonders of the gospel.

So, here it is. Enjoy. Worship. And survey the wonders of the Cross.