One Mediator, Three Responses

1 Timothy 2:5-6 tells us that there is only 1 Mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus. A mediator is someone who intervenes between two parties to produce reconciliation, so Mediator is a wonderful word to describe Jesus as that's exactly what He has done - He has produced reconciliation between us and God. 1 Timothy 2:6 tells us how He did that; He 'gave Himself a ransom for all'. At the Cross, Jesus bore God's wrath in our place and so He has reconciled us to God. He is our only Mediator! Salvation is found in Christ alone.

The fact that Christ is our only Mediator, our only Saviour, leads us to respond to that marvellous truth. Three important responses spring to mind.

Firstly, such a wonderful truth should draw us to worship, praise and thanksgiving. He is the only one who could save us. He is the only one who has given His life to save us. How could we not want to praise and thank Him for the wonders of His saving work on our behalf. Worship should flow as we gaze on the truth of Christ our One Mediator.

Secondly, the fact that Jesus is the only mediator should encourage us to evangelism. As we think about how there is no one else who can save, we see the urgency of telling others about Jesus, for there is no other way for them to be saved. If they don't have a Mediator, then they have no one to take God's wrath for them and so must pay the price themselves. Unless those around us put their trust in Christ alone as Saviour, they're doomed. We need to tell them about Jesus, because Jesus is the only one who can save.

Finally, the truth that Christ is our one mediator should highlight for us the importance of praying for people to be saved. You see, it is Christ who is the only mediator, not us. We can preach the Gospel; we can tell people about Jesus; we can share the good news of His cross and resurrection; but we cannot save. Only He can. So we should accompany our evangelism with prayer, praying that the only one who can save would.

The fact that Christ is our only mediator is a doctrine of great importance. The fact that Christ is our only mediator should also be a doctrine that impacts how we live our lives.