On the Priority of Revelation

From the Riches of Grace, Vol.22:

Our Fellowship was born not only in revival, but in revelation as well … Age priorities are established here: election, with its design of christ character, is treated as the central sun of God’s eternal purpose; all other teachings, however much we value them, are regarded as so many planetary satellites.

The real danger is for other things to thrust themselves forward for priority: such as the flair for so-called Latter Rain; sensationalism which shows itself in exaggerated claims to Pentecostal endowments; platform showmanship; and other Gospel gimmicks. Sensationalism unaccompanied with the supernatural is definitely not of God.

We need leaders as Paul, stabilised by individual revelation from God, and uninfluenced by every new wind of doctrine that comes along. If we change our views every time something new comes on the spiritual market, it is a sign we have either lost our vision or never had one. In the same way, if we devote ourselves exclusively as a fellowship to the externalities of the visible, it is a sign that we are on our way out and lost to our vocation.

Can we say, "I have received from the Lord"? If we have, then we must see that healings and miracles are age necessities; and they become a genuine export from heaven only when we restore the spiritual ministry of the Word to its rightful place: "They went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16 :20).