Interpreting Providence: John Piper and a Tornado

John Piper has the story of the tornado which hit a church and convention centre in Minneapolis just as a denominational national convention inside was to begin a discussion of a proposed social statement on human sexuality (the issue in question being whether homosexuality disqualifies someone from pastoral ministry). Piper also offers some biblical commentary on the whole event.

Scott Clark offers a different perspective on interpreting Tornados and warns of the dangers inherent in interpretations of providence. Have a look at the comments to see what he has to say about God's providence in raising up the Reformers.

Christianity Today looks at the statement which came out of that denominational meeting (the one with the Tornado) and what it says and doesn't say. The article ends by warning that:
Still, the bigger battle is probably still to come: On Friday [that's today], the gathering will consider a change that would allow churches to call pastors and other church leaders "in publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships."