Basic Theology

A 12 week course called on basic theology called 'Biblical Nuts and Bolts' from Autumn 2013 in Castleford assembly (Smawthorne Community Church).

Session 1: Who is Jesus?
Session 2: The Word Became Flesh*
Session 3: Jesus Reveals the Triune God
Session 4: The Triune God of Love and His Creation (plus Sin)
Session 5: Jesus Our Substitute
Session 6: Glorified, Risen and Ascended
Session 7: Justification through Christ's Blood
Session 8: Union with Christ
Session 9: Jesus baptises in the Holy Spirit
Session 10: Meeting Jesus in Word & Sacrament
Session 11: Meeting Jesus at His Table (plus a bit about the Church)
Session 12: The Triune God's Eternal Purpose in Christ

*(Sorry, the Incarnation talk is gone; hopefully there'll be a chance to replace it with a much better one soon.)

On Preaching

Training sessions for the Bradford Area Elders in Autumn 2013.

Session 1: Theology of Preaching (Part 1)
Session 2: Theology of Preaching (Part 2)
Session 3: Understanding the Text
Session 4: Christ in All the Scriptures
Session 5: On Application: Law-Gospel Preaching
Session 6: On the Impact of Theology on Practice in Preaching

Life in the Trinity

1 John 1:1-4 Joy, Fellowship & Jesus
Jude 20-21 The True Christian Life

Gospel Parables

Luke 10 The Gospel of the Good Samaritan
Luke 15 The Gospel of the Loving Father and His Two Lost Sons
Matthew 25:14-30  The Gospel of the Talents


Genesis 4:1-16  Eve, Cain & Abel
Genesis 4:17-5:32 A Tale of Two Families
Genesis 6-7 God Saves by Grace Through Judgement
Genesis 8  The LORD Remembers & Recreates through His Cross & Resurrection
Genesis 9:1-17  The Blood, the Rainbow, and the Covenant
Genesis 9:18-29  The Sin of Noah and his Son
Genesis 10:1-11:26  We Can't Climb Up to God, But God has Come Down to Us
Genesis 11:27-14:24  Jesus Promised, Patterned, and Present to Sinful Abram
Genesis 15  Justified by the Word of God
Genesis 16  Hagar Meets Jesus
Genesis 17  Gospel Signs
Genesis 18-19  Who is this God?
Genesis 20  Law and Gospel in Gerar
Genesis 21  The LORD keeps His Word
Genesis 22  God Will Provide a Lamb
Genesis 23  Trusting in the God who Raises the Dead
Genesis 24  A Bride for the Well-Beloved Son
Genesis 25  From Death to Life, From Barrenness to Fruitfulness
Genesis 26  Isaac's Faith in Jesus

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The Tenets of the Apostolic Church

The Unity of the Godhead, and Trinity of the Persons therein.

The utter depravity of human nature, the necessity for repentance and regeneration and the eternal doom of the finally impenitent.

The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension, and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ; His second coming, and millennial reign upon earth.

Justification and Sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost for believers, with signs following.

The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for the edification, exhortation and comfort of the Church, which is the body of Christ.

The Sacraments of Baptism by immersion and of the Lord's Supper.

The Divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scriptures.

Church government by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders and deacons.

The possibility of falling from grace.

The obligatory nature of tithes and offerings.